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Data security guideline

HTTP Cookie

Mapplanet uses a HTTP Cookie, in order to administer your settings. Settings cover
  • Your memberid, if you have logged in
  • the selected language
  • the momentarily settings of the map (zoom shot, type of map, position)
  • the current search results of your last search for places/spots
These settings are stored in a session variable on the mapplanet server and are deleted 5 minutes after your last request of a mapplanet site. These data are stored not over the duration of the session and are not dispatched to any third party. The data are exclusively used to facilitate the use of the mapplanet service for you.

Further data

calling a site your Browser sends automatically (HTTP protocoll) further information to our server. These cover
  • Your IP address (e.g.:
  • The operating system (e.g.: Windows, Linux, MacOS…
  • The browser (e.g.: Firefox, Internet Explorer…)
  • The referrer site (if available)
We use the IP address to determine your country. The country specifies the preset language of the mapplanet web page. Momentarily in Germany and Austria language GERMAN is set, otherwise ENGLISH. Further languages will be added soon. The number of different operating systems, browser and Referrer sites is used only for our internal statistics. All these data are anonymous! In particular these data are not connected with the Cookie data.

MapPlanet Members

During registration an email-address is requested. This address will be stored together with time of registration. The address wil not be passed on to any third party and is used only to send the initial password or - if requested - to resend a new password. The email-address will be deleted, when you unregister.

Passing on of the data

The data are not passed on to any third party. (Exception: Demands for the Teledienstegesetz on German authorities)